Sarokis Pizzeria

Sarokis Pizzeria Introduction

We worked with the client from the food industry who came to us with design challenges. Their original site had not been optimized in some time so it needed some tweaks and changes. Sarokis Pizzeria started out as an HTML site that needed a bit of work. Today, they are able to experience extreme rise in profitable growth due to reset in their marketing model. Furthermore, SEO strategy and the roadmap for using it to inform the business decisions.


While optimizing the restaurant website, we made it easier for potential customers to place online orders & schedule reservations. In return, after a month our seo team was able to increase website traffic and more food sales. For that we used meta tags greatly helped in optimizing the site and ensured that our client’s site got a better ranking. Some of the most important meta tags that we implemented include: Title tag, meta description, alternative text, Header tags, and responsive design meta tag.

The Challenge

Soft Stings re-structured the site in WordPress with a custom responsive template, with a design that better reflected the restaurants look. We used a similar look as their existing menus and made a few adjustments for their new POS system for online orders. Saroki’s, at that point of time wanted to expand beyond their 3 current locations in Royal Oak, Walled Lake and Wixom and they want their website to be fully optimized to attract more leads with a great funnel.


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