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Why Do Marketing Agencies Prefer Google AdWords Services?

Just imagine you have launched a website recently. You have optimized it perfectly, but what do you think will it rank soon just by doing SEO? 80-90% of the time, a company’s landing page is at the top of the list of Google searches. What were your thoughts about it? Do you think that it’s the SEO alone that ranked their page in the top 3? If you’re thinking along the same lines, I’d like to give you a quick rundown of the Google AdWords services, which, when used correctly, will lead to fruitful results for your business.

The Primacy of Using Google AdWords Services

If you are considering using Google AdWords services or tools, then you are at the right spot. Let me tell you their secret about ranking crazily. So without wasting any further time, let’s dive into the importance of using Google AdWords services to bring enormous traffic to your website. 

Google AdWords Services

Google’s Global Reach

There are a lot of eminent campaigns that offer ads, but all those brands can’t beat Google for its massive reach. Do you know why?

This is because when you had a query in your mind that needed an answer, what would you do?

Want to know the answer?

Google it.

Do you want to know how many calories you were taking in by having a single piece of cake?

Google it.

Every day, the Google search engine handles more than 5 billion searches per year. Among these, people are searching for solutions to their problems.

And if your firm can help them find the solution, even in the ad form, they will go for you in contrast to your competitor.

Rank Even Faster in Search Engines 

By using Google AdWords services, you can rank even faster in search engines, in contrast to only preferring SEO as the best thing.

The highlighted benefit of using the Google AdWords tool is that it works faster than SEO. In fact, both of them (SEO and Google AdWords) is the marketing strategies for search engines whose primary function is to generate more traffic to your website. The more traffic there is, the more leads there will be.

But wait, if you think that you will be ranked faster only by using Google AdWords services for your business campaign, you might be wrong. Because to get the desired position on a search engine, you have to optimize your Google AdWords tool for your website.

And if you are a business owner, you must be familiar with the benefits of digital marketing, whose purpose or agenda is to reach the targeted audience at the perfect time.

So, you can achieve your desired position by using this platform along with an excellently targeted audience and using the right keywords (as you don’t want to ruin your efforts or waste your money by using the wrong keywords or audience).

Dashboard Analytics

Google will analyze the overall summary of visitors and present it to you in an understandable format.

You can improve yourself when you know what you have been doing wrong, but without knowledge, you can’t bring fruitful results to your campaign.

And luckily, Google makes the report easy to understand, including clicks, keywords, and even the behavior of the visitors, including the average time they have spent on your website.

Create Awareness For Your Brand

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “Google ads“?

And I’m sure most of you will think about PPC advertisements on search engine result pages as the primary means of increasing visitors. However, Google Ads are more flexible.

Brand awareness can also be built with the help of Google Ads services—it is something that well-known marketers would prioritize.

The more you constantly repeat your brand’s personality and reputation, the more your visitors will trust you, resulting in a more solid brand. This is what will eventually lead to sales and repeat customers.

Google Analytics vs. Google AdWords

We can see a vast difference between the overall transactions and goal completions reported by Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

In general, Google Analytics tracks how a person reaches your site and how they come to know about it. And with this tool, you can optimize your website through the ideas you get by tracking people’s search information.

On the other hand, Google AdWords helps reach targeted markets through its platform (search engine) and other associated sites.

But using Google Analytics and AdWords together is preferred to learn more about your customers’ behavior.


I’m sure your curiosity over “why marketing agencies like Google ads” has been turned into “why not?”

Google Ads has something for businesses of all sizes, with different budgets for achieving their goals. So, if you are a startup, it is preferable to use Google AdWords services for marketing purposes.

So, why don’t you throw a bucket in the sea of 2+ trillion searches per year to see how much money you’ll make?

Looking for a partner to assist you in adequately utilizing Google AdWords services? Let’s get on the call and see how we can help you achieve your goal.

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App Marketing StrategiesTemplate (FREE) and 3 Tips to Build an Addictive App

In this blog, we will explain three app marketing strategies that can help you build brand awareness, strengthen app store conversion, and boost downloads. Learn the app marketing techniques from experts at Soft Stings to separate yourself from the competition in getting in front of potential users today.

Introduction to App Marketing Strategies

Launching a new app? Learn the app marketing techniques with marketing prerequisites such as:

  1. Technique 01 – PR
  2. Technique 02 – Video Strategy:
  3. Technique 03 – Influencers:
  4. Technique 04 – Content Funnel
App Marketing Strategies
Tip #01: PR with a journalist for getting featured

Look at related articles or product features in the publications that you want your app featured in then find the name of the journalist that wrote it.

Using email lookup software like to find that person’s email. Send them an email telling them about your app and offering them free access to your application.

You may not hear back from some of them at all and some may ask you for more information. A small handful may choose to mention your app in an article or even do a full product feature.

Tip # 02 Include some feature in the MVP and market them through Videos

It includes creating awesome videos. Today, online videos make up more than 82% of all consumer traffic overtaking blogs and infographics.

Mobile video consumption is growing at a rate of 100 percent per year for app startups explainer videos demo videos and promo videos can show potential users how your app works, describe its features and benefits and tell your brand’s story.

Tip # 03 Building Your Relationship with Right Influencer

You probably can’t get Oprah to mention your app but who is the Oprah of your industry. According to surveys around half of the social media, users rely on influencers for product recommendations in comparison.

It implies that influencers have almost as much power over our buying habits as the people that we trust most and it’s an effective use of your budget too because the return on investment is insane.

According to studies influencer getting influencers to promote your product isn’t that difficult. There are influencers on every platform Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tick tock, YouTube and others.

Here, you can download our pdf guide to help you with your mobile app marketing.

Click here to download the PDF.

Tip # 04 Content Funnel

What queries are your PROSPECTS typing in google to find out how to solve their problem where are they turning to online to compare one solution to another? You can respond to all of these questions using content.

Content like product comparisons product, reviews, and case studies can give them the social proof they need to choose your solution over a competitor.


65.5 of smartphone users download zero apps each month so the odds are stacked against you from the moment you launch your app and if you manage to get a few downloads that still doesn’t really spell success

The average person has more than 80 apps downloaded on their devices.  Now is your chance to stand out among the competition you can drive users to your application!!

Looking for app marketing strategies? Talk to us for a quick discovery call to see how we can partner to help you reach your customers.

See How Our Teams Can Help You

Soft Stings empowers organizations to maximize the overall return on software development by delivering software faster, more efficiently, while strengthening security and compliance.

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Conversion rate Optimization services: Does Cold Email Really Work?

In this blog, we will cover building a lead scoring model & conversion rate optimization. In addition, you will be able to better understand a sales pipeline from nurturing those leads to eventually making sales.

What is Lead Scoring?

Ask yourself a few key questions about your sales and leads:
  1. Does your team have more sales leads than it can follow up with?
  2. Are your “leads” often not qualified or fit when contacting them?
  3. Could your sales process be made more efficient and effective?
Here is a quick question to understand the context of Email optins, free download and more interactivity with assets to be fully leveraged efficiently to bring impactful results for lead generation.
Conversion rate Optimization

Sadly, many companies lack strategy for conversion rate optimization to identify the leads that are sales ready and struggle to identify prospects that are conversion ready.

Check this lead scoring model that tell you How to Create Scoring Model on the basis of open rates of emails. You can see the activity they performed and the score lead was given based on that performed activity. (interest and level of engagement with the web pages, software, landing page)

Conversion rate Optimization

You have already started a link-building project for a company that has performed all the basic free site submissions and is now working on the outreach part of link building.

However, after getting the basics done, you have started to experience those emails falling on deaf ears. You are not getting any response after sending out over 20 emails (all relevant and tailored, of course).

You are reaching out to articles that list competitors’ sites that share industry news and influences. Now you have started to wonder and want a fix to this question.

Identify Ideal Prospect (High Lead Score)

Does “cold email” work for link building anymore, or did something shift in this area of marketing that has been completely missed?

How would one go about marketing a free web tool for users? We have experience with Neil Patel’s SEO tools, Ubersuggest, and Hubspot’s social engagement calculators.

Here are some do’s that you can do to ensure that the recipient cares about the email you sent them. Cold emailing can bring impressive results and approach digital marketing when you know how to do it the right way. In Addition, using this imaginative approach makes it easier to write authentic and personal emails.

Associate Point With Lead Activity

You can boil down your lead-scoring model based on demographics and activity. This scoring system for identification of qualified leads seems to be a win for your business, a win for your sales team to bring ROI for the company by connecting meaningful relationships with right prospects

Targeted Newsletters, CPC and Open rates

Now let’s understand what CPM to charge for a geographically targeted newsletter?

For instance, a newsletter with about 2000 subs (growing by 50-100 per day). In Addition, an email is being sent to 5 events happening this weekend in the city on a designated day for 600k inhabitants.

The open rate is around 50%. What’s a good CPM for your list to charge advertisers? It represents the amount advertisers pay to publishers for the extent of visibility they obtain. As a result, there is a need to create an end-to-end strategy for reaching out to 5k accounts this quarter via email marketing.

Define Sales Readiness with Engagement Rate

Connect in a meaningful, relevant way and don’t be pushy or fail to provide significant value. Send A Personalized Email From An Individual and let your company identity and your personality shine

Keep it short, easy, and actionable. Alleviate your audience’s pain or give them something they want. It takes more work because you have to research each person you are emailing, but it also pays off in much higher returns

From prospecting to closure, the key is that you need to plan it without those emails landing in spam or getting dropped/bounced. B2B setup, HRs, and Finance heads are the people you want to reach. So, it’s identifying a problem that they either know or don’t know they have. Then explain how you can solve it.

The first email can be set up as an introduction. The second one is a follow-up. Consider giving away white papers, research reports, and templates for free. Next, establish yourself as a credible solution. Finally, end every email with a “call to action.”

What is the CAN-SPAM Act?

The CAN-SPAM Act established rules that give recipients the right to easily request that a business stop sending them emails and outlines penalties for violations. For CAN-SPAM, they need to subscribe first, and then you have to give them the option to unsubscribe and all that stuff.

What does an email have to include to be CAN-SPAM compliant?

Now that we know that US law is very stringent when it comes to the online user’s privacy. CAN-SPAM requirements include: Not misleading to the recipient. All emails must accurately represent the sender — individual, brand, or company — and a clear, non-deceptive subject line. For example, an eCommerce company cannot insert “eBay, Etsy or Daraz” as the “From” name unless eBay, Etsy or Daraz.

It is not appropriate to collect emails for prospecting, but what if you found their email on their website, say google maps, yelp, or some other business directory, LinkedIn and Social Media.

All of these are sources where they didn’t give anybody “direct permission” to message them, which implies that having email online on purpose on any social media, e. g. or somewhere accessible, doesn’t qualify for “indirect permission”.


Lead scoring is an important part of conversion rate optimization services—an effective mechanism for automated nurturing and determining their sales readiness for nurturing campaigns. We hope this article has helped you to identify the lead’s maturity and how you can structure your lead scoring model. Each company is different, and their prospective buyers will take different actions and have different attributes that make them stand out as qualified leads.

We can help you with specific sales/marketing content. Need any help to know how much do google ads cost ?

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6 Challenges with Custom Website Services Overcome for your Website?

What’s your #1 challenge that’s stopped you from driving more visitors to your custom website?

For an entrepreneur having a Custom Website that looks like a brochure is necessary in 2022?

Absolutely! Optimized website has always been incredibly important, but now that entrepreneur rates have risen over 30% since the pandemic, having strategic customer journey of web pages with push notifications, Email opt-ins, social icons and Facebook pixel to boost your brand awareness is more important than ever.

Website optimization is quickly becoming a must-have for small businesses.  Here is the in-depth guide to see how we can improve the visibility.

Avoid Black Hat SEO

What are the some black hat SEO practices to avoid penalty from Google?

For all the beginners of SEO out there, the risky ways of doing SEO the black hat SEO techniques refer to practices that are used to get high levels in an unethical manner. Black hat SEO also usually focuses only on search engines and not so much on the human audience.

Some black hat SEO practices to avoid penalty from Google are:

  1. Keyword Stuffing
  2. Cloaking
  3. Link Farms
  4. Link Buying and Link
  5. Exchange Programs
  6. Article Spinning
  7. Doorway Pages

While these methods can give a temporary boost and may work to bring tractions but it will not take long until the penalty starts to apply. Over time, it may not be worth the risk because the results can be harmful to your site.

Make the Most Sense for Users on Sites

Here is the quick question.

What title separators should be listed first? The Company’s name or page’s Title?

Keep in mind that the title is primarily meant to aid users so that they know where they are. The title may appear in the top of the browser and also in browser tabs. If a user has multiple tabs open they will only see the beginning of the title. Thus use the most specific content first. This would be the title followed by the company name in your example.

The title is also shown when we paste a link into social media sites such as Facebook or Quora. Thus we must think about what would make the most sense for users on those sites. We want to capture their attention so they click the link. Going with the title first also works to our advantage in this scenario.

Remove Errors and Mistake from Your Custom Website

This activity where you are able to detect a website with errors such as broken links. The first thing you should do is to remove all errors. For instance, unused JavaScript, sitemaps and implementations of H1 and sub headers. Screaming frog or deep crawl are excellent site audit software’s that detect errors but identify the causes why slow websites cannot get good Google ranking. 

GTmetrix  suggests how you can improve the speed of a website.

GTmatrix performance

We have been using this tool to observe the metrics such as site speed and act accordingly. Also, not complying and adhering to the Google guidelines leads to decline in traffic growth on Google, therefore you must follow their compliance or you will be penalized (latest update Core Web Vitals).

Find out what Questions, People are Asking in your Niche– Put High-Value Contents

If you want to make search engines happy, then make your website readers satisfied with some valuable and well-researched contents. Since you operate in a space like Google there is a plenty of competition you have to beat them with the depth and value of your contents. Do not just re-phrase the contents from other websites. Go to Yahoo AnswersQuora to find out the pain points and you have to address the answers to these specific queries.

Quora Profile

Find out the domain authority and page authority of any internet site. Do not get frustrated, link-building is a slow process and increasing the visibility of your website is a long term commitment. Therefore, just proceed forward, slow and steady, bit-by-bit. To earn links with your contents as mentioned above.

Social Media Engagement with Instagram advertising cost

Everyone knows that social media is important to get your website visible.

  1. For a continuous visibility and traffic to your website, you need a constant engagement with your audience and not just occasional interaction.
  2. For this you need first to figure out what types of contents perform better. Engagement metrics in Google analytics which you must understand and monitor. Videos are also good for engagement.
  3. Facebook advertisement is still cheap and if you know how to make a good custom or lookalike audience for Facebook ads then you can try that and tweak that until you get results.

Promote Your Business Website Locally with Business Directories

There are still a huge number of people who prefer directories such as Trust pilot, Good firms and Yelp. There are many local directories out there which have a large circulation and advertising there could be on a budget or even free. You can talk to your council or local clubs and you might be able to get a free advertisement or at a nominal price.


Set a target for 90 days – an ideal timeframe to learn see the results of the implementation of the tactics that will help you drive up to 20,000 visitors to your custom website but if you’re not consistent, the next Google wave might sweep away your search results. To sustain your traffic this year, you should write more often and promote your content as much as you can. Call us to know how much are youtube ads?  Do you want digital marketing services?  Talk to our sales team to inquire how much do google ads cost and get started with your first website and online visibility.

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No 1 Marketing Trend Web3, Metaverse -The Rise of Decentralized Power

This blog outlines different eras of the Internet, hybrid of today’s online social experiences. How NFTs are already exploding and how Web3 Metaverse will change how we do marketing through communities and NFTs.

A lot of people are taking about metaverse, as a digital marketing consultant here is our take on two biggest Metaverse platforms, the Sandbox and Decentraland, and how you can buy limited number of plots on these lands. What is the vision of digital marketing companies to comprehend the Metaverse and our findings as a work of fiction? 

The users provide money to the creators and do not give data to any centralized source. Most of the concept of immersive experience and buying digital lands seems like a scam. Nobody thought that a time will come when people will buy virtual real estate.

Wait, how much are people spending? An investment of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Insane Amount of Money Close to $3 Million

A crypto company Group just bought land about the size of three tennis courts and paid with mana (a cryptocurrency). Another company paid $4.3 million for buying virtual land inside decentraland, which is another very popular Metaverse. So people are spending an insane amount of money on non-real and non-physical assets. That’s how they are smashing records.

 Isn’t it Infinite and Unlimited?

Not exactly. It’s not infinite, and it’s limited – like Bitcoin. Even though Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency, the Metaverse is a trillion-dollar market opportunity, challenging to wrap your head around to find the financial sense.

How are you Profitable?

When it comes to making money in Metaverse, buy and flip it to someone else who wants it to become profitable. That’s the short-term strategy, but practical approach to making quick money.

But the long term strategy is to get a virtual land in a suitable location – it can someday be a place that becomes valuable. Many people might want to hand it there for various reasons—hosting festivals, concerts, playing video games, or other live virtual events.

Sounds like a Scam?

But the truth is a plot of land sold for 2.5 million dollars allows players to level up their characters, mine valuable resources, and ultimately make more money.

Where do you Buy this Land?

The first place is called Sandbox, with the creation of video games and NFTs. They partnered to raise $93 million in their first round of funding.

The second place is Decentraland, parcels of land – they just recently hosted a several-day music festival with over 80 artists.

Own your Assets and Communities and Build for the Future

Having a trusted source to help you understand will be invaluable for those who want to equip themselves with emerging technologies

Digital Marketing

The Virtual Lands for Hosting Parties

Sold for billions of dollars, these lands can be put to use, like hosting parties but also can be used to earn an income by renting them out monthly or hosting NFT art galleries.

How to Buy Land for Virtual Investment?

The first step is to go to the Marketplace for the virtual land you want to purchase. These are the steps you can take to decide how to buy land. After browsing through available plots of digital assets, do the following steps to process the purchase.

  1. After signing up at the Decentraland Marketplace,
  2. You click on ‘Parcels and Estates’
  3. Then on ‘View All.’
  4. Once the selection has been made,
  5. You can check it’s the price
  6. Details of the plot and its owner.
  7. Click ‘Buy’ for the first virtual plot.
  8. The wallet needs to have enough Ethereum to make the purchase.
  9. Your wallet will need to be connected to your account.
  10. Find it in the ‘Collectibles’ tab in MetMask wallet.
Digital Marketing

What is NFT Virtual Land?

Therefore, the virtual property can represent a non-fungible token (NFT) that represents ownership of a specific piece of land in the Metaverse. On a virtual property land, you can see your neighboring areas and proximity to famous places when browsing for available plots. There are many activities and events that we can do with virtual lands like we do with physical lands. You can host events, lease the land, and perform live events. So this land has real-world practical applications. Snoop dog partnered with Sandbox to build a real mansion to house his nft collection. People can go up to it and walk through it, interact with him, and he’ll put concerts for them, and you can buy land all around his mansion.

Community Managers of Digital Assets

The talk about community managers is growing because community managers from NFTs space are different from community managers in the marketing world. If we look at the ones that we have for NFTs, the modern-day community managers are 20 years older, so they understand the world of gaming. They know the world of discord where a lot of NFTs projects are hosted and are hosted hanging out on Twitter. So they know what’s going on in the world of NFTs. Facebook community managers are different from the ones that understand the NFT space. Therefore, hanging out in the community. The best moderators can be found in hanging out in the discords, looking at what the mods are looking at, and starting to engage with them.


Mark Zuckerberg introduced Metaverse. Spent billions into it to bring an immersive experience to help people connect, find communities, and grow businesses through Metaverse. Let’s look at the Ghana, which is a country of South Africa. When Video games in block chain by a player in Ghana can earn much more. By playing the video game on the block chain, you can acquire something called SLP smooth love potion, which has real value behind it. Block chain is changing lives all around the world. It’s essential to understand how this land integrates into these video games; where these game developers create these plots of land as NFTS for players. The lands at virtual space lunacia sold at 2.5 million dollars. Sometimes it’s a genesis land, allowing players to make between $140 to $420 a month. A great way to increase the living wage spectrum. Our next blog we’ll cover how you can create virtual museums and galleries to display their NFTs.Web1, Web2 and what Web3 Metaverse is. How do you plan to adapt your marketing to Web3 with various types of digital marketing with platforms that give power back to the creators?
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How to Get Traffic to a New Site with Digital Marketing Channels

So how do you make a website that stands out and you can aim for higher ranking and more traffic? A lead magnet (checklist or ebook) that everyone wants to share links to and read. In this post, we have a quick overview of what you’ll learn how to grow traffic to the site strategically with digital marketing channels. 

Well, you’re in luck! Today, we’re going to demonstrate how to develop Google digital marketing with tips and actionable steps. 

Do you know how many blogs posts are published every day? The numbers are going to blow your mind. A staggering 7.5 million blog posts get published daily.

Now, while it’s true that only about 3% of content strategists have a posting schedule to upload daily basis, over 4.4 million blog posts get published each day.

Every month 20,000+ companies are flooding the web with content indexed on Google. There is a dire need to follow the steps to create content that stands out and fulfills the user intent, Which is why you need to have power posts that work better for getting traffic and shares—next, promotion of the content with tried and tested strategies.  

Tip #1 – Head over to Keyword Research Tools

You can begin your keyword research with Semrush Keyword Magic Tool. The SEO powerhouse Semrush has several keyword research tools, one of which is their industry-leading Keyword Magic Tool. If you are using “Answer The Public”, you type in a keyword phrase you want to write a blog post and pick a one or two-word keyphrase; While Answer The Public isn’t the “end all, be all” when it comes to your keyword research strategy, it’s a good starting point for question.

Tip #2 – Study the SEO Metric (Monthly Search Volume & Keyword Difficulty)

Do your prospects care about what you’re writing? It shows you are willing to offer insights to the audience based on what queries are easy to gain traction. Some of the best-performing blog posts currently on the SERP have informational and transactional keywords. You can determine more details about keywords by estimated monthly visits from Google, total backlinks, Facebook shares, and repin are on Pinterest.

It is how you get the road map to get started. This process allows you to discover an untapped goldmine of content ideas. If a topic has all of the above-discussed elements, it’s worth writing.

Tip #3 – Perform Google Searches and Distribute with Digital Marketing Channels

When choosing a topic, Google analytics of your website will show a good number of estimated visits (at least 75), a decent total backlink count (at least 10), and social shares after it starts to get backlinks that make a difference. Go through posting methods and optimization techniques of industry giants like BacklinkO, search engine journal, and Moz for next-level SEO training and link-building strategies.

Tip #4 – Curate Content as Optimized & Targeted as Possible to Grow with the Organic Keywords

Address the questions and problems that your prospects or customers have. Use the Skyscraper Technique prevalent in an SEO context.

The Skyscraper technique is a strategy where marketers attempt to perform better than the competition, so much better you naturally will get more attention and press.

Just go through this detailed infographic to get an idea about digital marketing channels that can bring promising results.

Here’s how.

Digital Marketing Channel


Tip number one is probably the most critical for almost everything we do in marketing, but also something which is sometimes overlooked. With the number of active blogs hovering around 500 million, it’s not surprising to discover that over 7 million blog posts are published daily. 

You may contact our sales team for any assistance you need with digital marketing queries and optimization techniques for a website.

Get tons of eyeballs, social shares, people linking to your site, and higher Google rankings with paid ads, digital marketing channels and organic traffic.

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How to Create a Powerful Digital Marketing Funnel

Introduction To Digital Marketing Funnel

In this blog post, we are going to cover the digital marketing funnel “The Sales Funnel”. We will also cover the methodology by top digital marketing agencies.

 An approach for the prospective customers that need your product/service and have the budget to pay for it to make a purchase decision from your company if there is cut-throat competition in your niche. – Ultimately, qualify those leads and convert them into customers. Inbound marketing uses content to accomplish this.

The concept of the digital marketing funnel (Sales Funnel) is something every business owner must understand. It is essential to know the following:

  1. The reason why developing strategies can attract and nurture prospective clients at the top, middle. 
  2. Bring prospects and leads to the bottom of the funnel by leveraging inbound marketing and effective strategy.
  3. Top of the funnel contains a large pool of unqualified leads.
  4. How to perform marketing efforts to set goals to find the hidden opportunities to qualify those leads – 

Introduction to the Funnel?

At the top of the funnel, a buyer typically tries to solve a problem or meet a need. As a result, they are looking to be educated and find information that will help them figure out the best solution. Unfortunately, at this point, their value as a prospect is low because they are unqualified, and the probability that they will buy is uncertain. 

 Before digital marketing analyst can qualify those leads, you need to help them find you online and make sure they know you exist. 

How do you do this? Digital marketing solutions include offering them answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

Because most people begin their buying process online, one of the most powerful strategies for attracting visitors and converting leads at the top of the funnel is to create keyword-rich content in the form of blogs. 

After the brief definition, dive further into the concept and add more context and explanation if needed. 

Stages of the Sales Funnel

When a visitor performs a query on Google, they are looking for answers. Companies with a digital marketing funnel are the ones that show related content about your products or service; they find you. 

Consider blogs as a lubricant that makes your inbound marketing engine go. Research companies confirm that brands with thought leadership blogging get 55% more website traffic than those who do not.

How do you make sure your blogs get found?  

The first step is to optimize your posts for search engines properly. Here is the checklist for you that helps in optimization and SEO for inbound efforts. 

Top of the Funnel

Are you using relevant long-tail keywords in the blog title and copy? 

  1. Do you have good meta titles and descriptions within the character limits imposed by search engines with the keywords?
  2. Generally, 60 characters for titles and 160 characters for meta descriptions. Is every pillar page and blog optimized as per the limits defined by Google?  

Once your blogs are optimized as per the user intent and answer the user’s query, then it’s time to let the potential customers know all about them. TOFU content like blogs, whitepapers, pillar pages and landing pages are great for increasing website visitor traffic.

But what good is traffic if you can’t turn those visitors into leads and capture information about them? 

That is the purpose of the middle of the funnel offers. Digital marketing solutions cater to the gated content and a distribution plan to build authority. 


While blogs are very effective at bringing visitors to your website, they won’t help you qualify prospects or make a sale. On the other hand, MOFU offers are arguably the most critical part of the sales funnel because they turn visitors into leads. 

Prospects in the middle of the funnel know that they have a problem. For that, they propel further into the digital marketing funnel need to determine the best solution. 

As a result, their commitment to making a purchase is higher, and the probability of closing a deal with them is more obvious. Because prospects are one step closer to making a purchase, MOFU prospects are usually pretty good leads. The content at this stage is worth having a salesperson contact them directly. 

With Information you Create Email Lead Nurturing Campaign 

Whereas the top of the funnel content aims to educate buyers and show them how to solve their problems, the middle of the funnel must gain trust.

 It’s not enough to offer your website, visitors, great content. You need to capture information about them so that you can qualify and nurture the best leads.

Do this by “gating” your content and putting it behind a landing page with a conversion form. At the very least, make sure your sign-up forms require visitors to provide their name and email address.

With this information, you can create email nurturing campaigns and personalize those emails.

Once a prospect has moved through the middle of the funnel, you should know whether they are planning to make a purchase or not. 

At this point, the bottom of the funnel strategy comes into play. Here are some tips and tricks to converting your leads into customers.

Digital Marketing Funnel

Bottom of the Funnel

By the time a lead reaches the bottom of the funnel, these leads are the “low-hanging fruit” of the sales funnel. Often a gentle nudge is required to enable them to take action. The right BOFU offer can be very effective in helping you close deals.

Ironically, most websites are full of BOFU offers. However, marketing efforts require a lot of strategic planning and sales-ready content to seal the deal.  

You can’t resort to cold calling and pressuring buyers—instead, assets and lead magnets primarily focus on educating and providing resources as they progress logically through the digital marketing funnel.

It’s essential to have a few reasonable BOFU offers, most of your website visitors are nowhere near ready to buy.

Buyers get between 60 and 70% of the way before speaking to a salesperson. 

Given that BOFU offers are essentially an invitation to be sold to, the odds are that most of your visitors won’t convert on these.

Digital Marketing Funnel

It will dramatically increase your lead conversion rates allowing you to influence their choice of solution.

That’s how you position your brand as the preferred provider.

Bottom of the Funnel

It’s important not to forget that the best inbound marketers are constantly evaluating the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Therefore, adjust the strategies to maximize results.

Dig into Google Analytics to understand more. If you find that your content falls short or doesn’t address the correct audience, pivot.

Just because you’ve started on one path doesn’t mean you can’t make changes to your strategy.

Did you know top digital marketing agencies constantly iterate the underperforming pages to bring the best results?

Schedule your Free Assessment

Not sure where to start? Tell us about your goals for an integrated TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU strategy. Our agency can help you with the help of inbound and outbound marketers to guide the marketing strategies.  Take some time to discuss your needs with our consultants the time to understand how effectively each marketing channel can turn those visitors into leads and customers.

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How Digital Marketing Service Can Increase Website Traffic

Introduction to Digital Marketing Service

This blog will cover tips and tricks to build a site that generates lots of organic visitors, considering limiting or avoiding factors that impact user experience. Or, at a minimum, how practically digital marketing agencies can make those impacting aspects as unobtrusive and un-annoying as possible considering the latest Google updates. 

We’re going to dig deeper to highlight:

  1. The reason why digital marketing brings actionable impactful results for rank tracking. 
  2. We’ll explore how marketers and digital marketing agencies can conduct keyword overview and site audits.  
  3. We’ll define bounce rate, show a few examples of how it’s used in business today, and provide some best practices for getting started with a site structure that will enhance SEO. 

Grade Your Site for Metrics 

A high bounce means that site visitors are not interacting with the site. It could be due to several reasons. Poor landing page navigation, disrupting popup, or sometimes bad user experience. On the other hand, popups work. 

There’s no denying the fact that they can grow your email list quickly.

Some popups are well-designed and seamlessly trigger a site visitor to perform the desired action to draw a visitor into the funnel. The strategic implementation of popups can convert visitors into long-term readers, 

Sounds helpful, but that’s not all. 

Why is Link Building Important?

Did you know link building can help you increase web traffic without relying on SEO?

 If this is a consumer-level concept, talk about its implications on their businesses, finances, personal happiness, etc. 

As a marketer who is offering digital marketing service how often do you find yourself typing “what is schema markup?” into Google? How often one needs to observe the Google Analytics Weekly? How often one needs the help of a developer to implement a Facebook pixel code. 

Sometimes, your readers need a quick answer. Enter: the given standard code for registration and customize product. It is the opportunity for you to get the real-time analytics – and get further details about targeted personas. 

Targeting the Right Search Term

Understanding these technical aspects of digital marketing service, particularly the implementation of robots.text, XML sitemap, and AMP can also help you. Targeting the right search term that satisfies the user intent for a query lets you to be chosen for Google’s featured snippet –

Now, what is a featured snippet? The box that appears in Google search results with a few dozen words answering the question people search for. You can see an example of this below.

digital marketing service

As you may be able to tell from the example above, that Google prefers the user intent. Digital marketing service are meant to make a website by keeping in kind user intent.

How Fast your Pages Load

Google has specified guidelines for marketers. That’s why unused JavaScript and CSS code can impact the load times. For that, follow the general guidelines into account for reducing the HTTP request. Before that, we must discover the essential component that matters most in a fast site.

“What is” fast site and how SEO can fix issues to produce a fast site. A fast site and a smooth user experience are crucial to your SEO health. Based on real visitor experiences on your site in the last 28 days. A general breakdown of interactions aspects 

  1. Load time
  2. Interactivity
  3. Visual Stability
digital marketing service

Duplications in Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the small blurbs you see in search results under the page titles. These give a quick description of what the content on the page is about. It is the first touchpoint of a site visitor. These descriptions help the people searching, and the search engine crawlers understand what to expect on each page.

Make sure that every page you post on your website has a meta description relevant to the page’s content. Digital marketing service encompasses the creation of amazing meta descriptions that are both unique and compelling.

Discover the Most Insightful Content Ideas 

Digital marketing agencies can help to find the exact content that attracts SEO traffic. Digital marketing service are primarily aimed at identifying the winning content that generates traffic.

  1. Topic ideas – discover a list of topics that attract SEO and social traffic
  2. Keywords – identify and use various tools that allow finding the keywords being used by competitors
  3. Visits – see the amount of traffic being generated by a page

Increase Site Speed 

In this section, we will cover what determines your site speed. 

It is primarily due to many HTTP requests. For a fact, an HTTP request needs to be sent before your website is fully loaded. 

Given the complex layout of most websites these days, due to that dozens of images that load whenever you try to access the site.

For each image loaded, an HTTP request is sent. As a result, using more images in your website’s layout leads to more HTTP requests – which adds to the time it takes to load your website, therefore compressing and combining all of your website layout images can be done with the help of a developer.

It effectively addresses the number of HTTP requests sent and the overall size of the image when the website is loaded. 

digital marketing service

Reduce the Number of Plugins

Digital marketing strategy is aimed at bringing leads into the purchase stage of the funnel. For that, visitors look forward to a fast website.   

Yes, lightning fast! 

For that, take some steps.

A develops needs to reduce the number of plugins on your site significantly. Not only will multiple plugins slow down your website, but they also tend to make the site more vulnerable to potential security threats.

It is an especially true and very common practice by front-end developers who use an open-source CMS system like WordPress. Each plugin is coded by a different person – resulting in inconsistent code and new security loopholes. Instead, ask the developer to code into your theme, including:

  1. Social sharing buttons
  2. Opt-in forms
  3. Calls-to-action

Cache your Website

Finally, you can speed up your website by implementing a caching system by taking the help of a developer.

Essentially, this means that a version of that page is automatically saved on the users’ computer so that it can be served up immediately –

 Instead of being reloaded, this prevents new requests from being made to your server every time the same page is loaded, making your site faster for new and returning visitors as a result.

Get Started with a Digital Marketing Service

Last but not least, digital marketing agencies can help in adding the desired functionality to your website. We have an in-house team of developers that can code the functionality to keep loading times faster. Discuss your needs with our consultants to see if we’re a good fit for you. 

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7 Reasons you Should Update your OLD Content for SEO

Thinking about how you can achieve stellar results in page views when you look at your Google Analytics with Affordable SEO? For that, consider repurposing old posts on your website for Link Building? Refurbishing old content (underperforming page) fixes the content issues. This is one of the way, to let search engine (such as Google and Bing) crawl your site more frequently. Thus, eventually leads to a better ranking on SERP. This blog will cover tips and tricks to improve SEO without needing to publish more often. In case, you are new to SEO, keep in mind that the more Google crawls your site, the more chances for search engines to give better rankings. Let’s dive straight into how update your old content can be a top driver of organic traffic. Also, when and how to update your old content? Stay tuned till the end.

Increase the Pageviews with Affordable SEO

An excellent opportunity to internally link content is by the use of inline related posts plugin to show related posts. Similarly, certain tools are available to let visitors hang onto your website. But exactly how? By showing your visitors related content. That’s one strategic approach of increasing the page views as demonstrated by many content creators with content update technique. Now that we know how important it is to update content periodically, it also helps users discover content that they may not be able to find otherwise. While going through the best-performing pages you will find out that popular blogs use Professional SEO strategy. In that case, you can find plenty of beginner-friendly plugins to choose that doesn’t hamper the overall performance.

increase pageviews

Check your Website for Dead Links

Google Analytics is a great free tool that many content marketers use to fix SEO issues for tracking website performance, and it’s also ready to lend a hand for easily finding broken links. If you are working on a client project, log in to your Google Analytics account and click on the Behavior tab.
Then select “Site Content” and then “All Pages. Now set the evaluation, set the period for the month. This is where the work of SEO link builder comes into play. Some helpful features in Ahrefs tools are super helpful in finding out the dead links. For this go to Ahrefs. Then Outgoing Links and then see you find the feature Broken Links. The above-given steps show broken links on that entire site. Professional SEO service involves best practices for link building to improve the authority of the site.

Removing the Broken Links

If a visitor clicks the broken link, Google drags you down to the search results. Another thing to consider while putting in SEO efforts is the bounce rate is one of the factors Google considers in terms of search ranking. If your site visitors are always redirected to a 404 not found page, obviously this is a clear sign of a bad user experience and this indicates that they a visitor is not going to browse a website with broken links.
This makes you appear untrustworthy with poor link building strategy. Also, this is hurting your SEO. The broken links that are continuously ignored will push down your website in the search results. This is the right time to get link building process to avoid not being included in the indexed by the Google Spider.


Include Multimedia for Better Ranking

The more multimedia content you add, the better it is for your site from an SEO point of view. Graphs, screenshots in guides and images make your content more visually appealing. Create a blog post with more quality backlinks. Moreover, periodically refurbish the underperforming pages that are hovering around the bottom of page one, top of page two. If you are at the top of the page then it indicates effective Link Building. Lastly, it demonstrates you have the best performing content that doesn’t require SEM SEO.

Update Blog Posts for with Quality Backlinks

If you haven’t update your old content for some months. By changing the content for a particular page, it will improve your presence on SERP. There are smarter ways to earn quality backlinks. These backlinks then ultimately provide more link juice to increase the authority of the page. How often do we need to update the content to sustain ranking? Here is what you can do:
  • Build backlinks with infographics.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Build a solid internal linking structure.
  • Outreach and promote your best content everywhere

Optimize for the Right Keyword

Yoast is a popular tool that gives recommendations for readability and fixing SEO issues. Similarly, Professional SEO services make use of this tool for proper on-page SEO. Keywords bring the right traffic. Older posts are a goldmine for getting traffic. The majority of the marketer such as Brian and Neil Patel have generate massive traffic from refurbishing content. They even encourage this practice with the help of a step by step guide on enlightening the site owners on repurposing the old content for getting a better page rank on SERP.

Make Video Content, Infographics, Share and Promote

Embedding relevant videos make posts more appealing. These content creators in turn see a spike in shares their video gets. Moreover, adding a slideshow adds variety without taking up lots of space. Include Infographics to revamp blog content for Professional SEO. This is are a great way to present complex data in a visual way to your audience. Not only can they make statistics more visually appealing and easier to skim through the long form of content. Also, it gets enormously shared by readers and content creators. If you created the infographic yourself, another site owner will link back to the post that they got it from. This approach usually helps to build links and drive traffic to the web page that has insightful infographics as part of the SEO efforts. Revamping your content with infographics is a good tactic you can incorporate for generating search traffic.


When it comes to ranking and Professional SEO, there are many factors (200+) that Google takes into account. It isn’t just about adding keywords by targeting a low-competition keyword for ranking in Google. The solution is to evaluate your currently successful blog content pieces, polish them and re-promote them to ensure they make a maximum impact among search engines and social media. Hope this blog helps in exploring different solutions on how to find broken links using SEO tools, plugins, and extensions. If you are a content marketer, in order for to rankings go up, it takes time, effort and content integrations. Sometimes, depending on the updates, the rankings won’t go up. Nothing is guaranteed as there are Google updates and multiple factors. However, if you figure out the essential elements and right tools to leverage for a content upgrade, there is a good chance it will go up. Read more content on Local SEO, national SEO, and SEM SEO by browsing through the blog section.
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